Walt Disney’s body is cryogenically frozen

Kim Kardashian faked the Paris robbery

The FBI killed Biggie and Tupac

Britney Spears isn't singing her songs

Elvis Presley is still alive

Marylin Monroe was murdered

Bob Marley was killed by the CIA

Nicki Minaj rapping is actually Jay-Z sped up

Lewis Carroll was Jack the Ripper

Princess Diana was murdered

Michael and LaToya Jackson are the same person

Jim Morrison was murdered

Beyoncé faked her pregnancy

Stanley Kubrick faked the Moon landing

Kris Jenner sold Kim’s sex tape

Stevie Wonder isn’t really blind

Britney Spears was an instrument of the Bush administration

Paul McCartney is dead

Taylor Swift doesn’t have a belly button

Keanu Reeves is immortal

J.K. Rowling isn’t real

Kanye West is a clone

Brittany Murphy death was a Homeland Security cover-up

Prince Harry isn’t Prince Charles' son

Eminem looks nothing like he used to

Miley Cyrus was an instrument of the Obama administration

Avril Lavigne was replaced by a look-alike in 2003