Update, Thursday, August 4, 2022: The plot thickens. 

As rumors swirl surrounding HBO Max’s possible impending merger with Discovery+, 

many have discovered that the streamer has removed more titles from its library than previously reported. 

This morning, a tweet from @LanceStLaurent pointed out that not only are Max Original movies being removed, 

but the HBO original series Vinyl (short-lived, but alas) has also been unceremoniously removed from the streamer. 

Indiewire reported that a “long list of films and series” will continue to be pulled as Warner Bros. 

Discovery plans to eventually merge its two streaming services. 

“The content being targeted for removal tends to be shows and movies that are not performing 

on the service but have an opportunity for a partial write off,” per that report.

The earliest tweet we could find goes back to June 28, 2022.