Ezra Miller and the Future of The Flash and the DC Extended Universe

Despite recent charges for felony burglary and assault and allegations of grooming, 

Ezra Miller is still set to reprise their role as speedy superhero Barry Allen in a solo movie, 

The Flash, on June 23, 2023 next year. Miller announced on Monday 

about whether to shelve the $200 million movie that was meant to tie together 

the various parallel universes in the DC Extended Universe.

In the comics, The Flash has long been closely associated with the multiverse. 

The character of Barry Allen has the power of superspeed and is so fast that he can traverse time and space.

The character’s solo movie, The Flash, will be loosely adapted from DC’s famous Flashpoint comic, 

We know from the trailer for The Flash that, in an effort to restore normalcy,

Barry must team up with different versions of Batman, 

an alternate universe version of himself, and a version of Supergirl.