Christina Ricci is fine with people considering her acting choices creepy, 

kooky, or altogether ooky — but she'd still like another shot at the 1990s.

While joining her fellow Yellowjackets stars for a recent conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, 

"Honestly, I regret so much. I'd like to go back to 1996 and be like, 'All right… we had a practice run. 

It went OK, but it wasn't really as great as we wanted it to be. We're going to do this again.

' People who are like, 'I have no regrets.' What f---ing magic life did you live?"

"I saved everything because I'm basically an emotional hoarder," she quipped.

"Denial is the only way to get up that river," Ricci added.

And maybe Ricci will get at least one version of a do-over when she returns to the world of 

The Addams Family as a new character in Netflix's upcoming Wednesday series.