The Bombay cafe's Birmingham, Manchester and Kings Cross locations will host a series of events this August.

It takes some confidence to wrestle in on Birmingham’s curry scene. 

But that’s exactly what Dishoom did when it opened its Birmingham branch in 2021. 

This is before a final evening event at Kings Cross on the anniversary of Indian independence, August 15. 

Attendees will finish each event by breaking bread with the other guests and tucking into delectable Bombay dishes.

Dishoom was inspired by the Irani cafes that were once very popular in the Bombay area. 

People of all classes, cultures and religions used to share their time and meals at these places. 

Celebrating everything from Eid to Diwali together. 

This makes Dishoom the perfect setting to commemorate this moment that affected so many people from all walks of life.

Tickets for the Birmingham and Manchester events are £50 per person, and £30 for the Kings Cross event.