Understanding Credit Cards

Many people who are scared of debt are also scared of credit cards. While credit card debt is a real and very scary thing, 

it can easily be avoided by properly understanding credit cards and how they work.

Today, I’m breaking down some of the most common credit card questions I hear. 

By the end, you should know the basics about properly using your card!

Must-Know Terms For Understanding Credit Cards

Annual Fee, Annual Percentage Rate, Balance, Billing Cycle, Credit Limit, Credit Report, Credit Score, Credit Utilization Rate, Grace Period, Interest, Minimum Payment

5 Common Questions About Understanding Credit Cards

1. How much of my balance should I pay every month?

2. Does checking your credit score lower it?

3. What should I look for when choosing a credit card?

4. When should I use my credit card?

5. What happens if I spend more than my credit limit?